Dr. Joyce Fischer

Spanish Resources for the ELL Classroom

Dr. Joyce Fischer and her team of fellow MELL researchers have developed the MELL Spanish Resource Guide, a comprehensive listing of online instructional resources, Spanish glossaries, lesson plans, available math and logic instructional games, and more organized into one handy compendium. The MELL Spanish Resource Guide is a must for any frontline ELL educator or curriculum developer.

MELL Spanish Resource Guide

The MELL Spanish Resource Guide is a comprehensive resource guide for educators teaching mathematics to ELL students developed by Dr. Joyce Fischer and her team at Texas State University-San Marcos.  Dr. Fischer and her colleagues have collected, reviewed and prepared a list of mathematics and language resources available in Spanish for the educational community concerned with the needs of ELL students.  The Resource Guide covers these topics and more:

  • Online Resources for Mathematics ELL Teachers
  • Mathematics Spanish Glossaries and Dictionaries
  • Spanish and/or Math Web Based Dictionaries
  • Lesson Plans
  • ESL Bilingual Math Related Resources
  • Listing of Publishers of Spanish Language Materials
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Texts
  • Math and Logic Games
  • National ELL-Related Educational Initiatives and Organizations
  • Research Papers
  • International Spanish Speaking Mathematics Organizations
  • Spanish Mathematics and Education Journals
  • Spanish/English Diagnostic and Assessments

Dr. Joyce Fischer, Texas State University

Dr. Joyce Fischer is a Professor of Mathematics at Texas State University – San Marcos.  Dr. Fischer teaches and develops curriculum, provides professional development to K-12 mathematics teachers in Texas and Mexico and is a principal investigator for the MELL Initiative.  Dr. Fischer is the founder of Texas Empowering Mexican Achievement (TEMA) Matemático and its partner organization Mexico Empowering Texas Achievement (META) Matemático, an international collaborative K-12 teacher program.