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Enhancing Mathematics Teaching

The Mathematics for English Language Learners (MELL) project is a comprehensive research initiative focused on creating instructional tools for K-12 educators teaching mathematics to English Language Learner students. The MELL project is facilitated by the Texas State University System in partnership with the Texas Education Agency and K-12 educators.

During this project, the participants will learn how to assign and check the mathematics extended essay and evaluate the quality of research papers on mathematics and related subjects. Below, you can find out how the studying process will be organized: 

  • The educators will be divided into groups of four people to share their current experience on working with English language learners;
  • Next, they will discuss their methods of teaching mathematics to achieve the highest results for their students;
  • Finally, they will learn the most popular mistakes of educators who teach math to English language learners and solutions to them.

Also, participants of the project will get a professional essay writer consultation on writing proper mathematics essays. There are a few tips that you can read and follow right now: 

  1. Provide students with references when assigning them a new math essay. Let them be equipped with sources for writing so that they could get ideas, inspiration, and in-depth understanding of their task;
  2. Create simple criteria for assessing their work. This is to help your students understand what should be done in order to obtain a high grade. Also, they will see that you are 100% impersonal when you evaluate their papers; 
  3. Encourage them to consult with student help services. They serve as online educational platforms for students that offer professional advice regarding academic writing issues. On such websites, your students can find guides and tips on how to outline a paper, edit it, find quality sources for writing, and more. They can also read numerous sample papers related to their topics and see how other students approach them.

To find out more information regarding the MELL project, its application process, and other details, please contact Texas State University via this site or over the phone.



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