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Resources for ELL Educators from Across the World Wide Web

The MELL team has assembled a number of web-based resources that educators frequently find helpful in teaching English language learners.  Resources that can be used directly with students such as homework sites or math games are also available.  While these pages contain many good resources, the listing of a resource does not constitute an endorsement by the MELL project of any one product or method over another.

Resources for Teachers

Web-Based Resources to Plan and Supplement Instruction

This page holds a number of instructional resources for teachers looking to supplement instruction or get new ideas for making mathematical concepts more concrete.  There are sites that offer teaching resources, sites that help students solve problems, sites that offer sample lessons and more.

AAA Math
Offers variety of activities to review basic math skills.  Each page includes interactive practice and an explanation of the skill being reviewed.

Algebra Story and Word Problems
A collection of simple word problems illustrating concept-based problem solving.

Flashcards to help students improve their math skills interactively.

Extensive series of math lessons.  Each lesson opens with a short explanation of the concept, provides a series of interactive exercises, and ends with a related review game.

Ask Dr. Math
Allows students to submit math questions and receive answers on-line.  Site also contains many math questions and answers from other students.

Mathematics lessons divided into specific topics.  All lessons are written by and for teachers.

Basket Math Interactive Learning
Interactive learning applications for grades 4-10.  Includes word problems and exercises in addition, subtraction, bar graphs and reasoning.  Materials available in Spanish and English.  Click “Interactive” to access Basket Math Interactive.

California Department of Education Search for Literature: Literature for Science and Mathematics
Allows literature and resource searches for mathematics materials recommended by the California Department of Education.

CanTeach – Math
Math activities and lessons.

Como ayudar a su hijo con las matemáticas
Spanish language booklet that is made up of fun activities that parents can use with children from preschool age through grade 5 to strengthen their math skills and build positive attitudes toward math.

Colorful lessons for teaching and learning math.

Curious Math
Tricks and rules for quickly calculating certain types of numerical math problems.  Features math trivia and useful math facts.
Comprehensive database of lesson plans, activities, plus education news.

Elementary Problem of the Week
Current and archived non routine math problems that encourage elementary students to verbalize their solutions.

Ethnomathematics Digital Library
Provides access to about 700 math items arranged by topic.

Fun Mathematics Lessons Cynthia Lanius
Offers fun math lessons in English and Spanish.

Geometry English-Spanish Foreign Language Vocabulary Quizzes
Online exercises that test for geometry vocabulary, giving the initial word in English and 5 different options in Spanish.

Go Math
Online math tutor designed to assist students, parents, and teachers.

The HELP Program: Help with English Language Proficiency
Internet-based, supplementary curriculum designed to remove language barriers from the learning of math skills and math content. Program is a fee-based online resource tested in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education.

Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics
Downloadable booklet made up of fun math activities that parents can use with children from preschool age through grade 5.

Internet Field Trips
Provides quick suggestions for using targeted websites to teach math subjects.  Site is designed as a lesson and planning tool for teachers.!
Interactive site for primary students to learn more about money and banking.  Students can learn why we use money, denominations, savings, interest, ATM’s and more. Dave Manura
Site of math reference tables showing terms, identities, examples and graphs.  Tables are classified by subject and are available in English and Spanish.

Math Hunt
Site that tests math skills while teaching students to research using the Internet.  Students learn to find, analyze, and use the information they have uncovered.

MathNerds provides free, discovery-based, mathematical guidance via an international, volunteer network of mathematicians.  Program is based at Lamar University.

Max’s Math Adventures
Math problem solving activities focused on K-2 math concepts such as shapes, counting, addition, measurement, patterns, estimation, graphing and subtraction.

Multicultural Math Fair by the Mathematics Department Frisbie Middle School
Example of how to set up a campus-based math fair.  Includes activities in English and Spanish.
Games, activities, teaching strategies, and worksheets for use in teaching the times tables to students of every learning style.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics
NSF supported library of interactive virtual manipulatives and concept tutorials for K-12 math instruction.

Paso Partners -Integrating Mathematics, Science and Language: An Instructional Program
Curriculum and resource guide developed to increase the achievement of elementary level students whose first language is Spanish.  Unites integrate math and science. Includes teacher information for each unit in Spanish and English.

Practical Uses of Math and Science
Examples of how math and science topics taught in class can be used in interesting settings, including everyday life.

Teach R Kids Math Manri Systems
Online activities and interactive worksheets that allow students to practice basic math skills.  Also includes timed-tests that are graded on line.  Materials target grades K-5.

Teaching Time
Interactive clock, online games, and printable worksheets help kids learn to tell time.

The National Math Trail
Site stimulates students to explore their communities and create math problems that relate to what they find.

Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning Resources

This page holds resources focused primarily on lesson plans and instructional planning.  Many of the resources are useful for ELL and non ELL teachers alike.  Some resources also offer companion activities for students.

A to Z Teacher Stuff
A collection of teacher-submitted lesson plans for Algebra, Applied Math, Arithmetic, Careers, Functions, Geometry, Math History, Measurement, Number sense, Number Theory, Patterns, Probability, Process Skills, and Statistics. Grades: K-12.

A large series of math lessons.  Each lesson opens with a short explanation of the concept, provides a series of interactive exercises, and ends with a related review game.

CanTeach - Math
Math activities and lessons.
Comprehensive database of lesson plans, activities, plus education news.

Fun Mathematics Lessons
These lessons cover a wide range of mathematical concepts and many are made for the classroom and include downloadable support materials.    

Matemática Interactiva
(Site is in Spanish)  Complete math lessons with prerequisites and suggestions for changes. They are organized by topics and grade level.

PBS Teacher Source – Math
Hundreds of ready-to-use lesson plans correlated to state and national standards.

Texas Education Agency (TEA) Teacher Toolbag
Site contains curriculum resources.

The Educator’s Reference desk Information Institute of Syracuse
Collection of math lesson plans for the benefit of educational practitioners. The lessons indicate the appropriate grade level and are organized by topics.

Spanish Language Web Sites

Teaching Resources in Spanish

This page holds resources for both teachers and students that are entirely in Spanish.  These sites can be especially useful for dual language teachers who want to give students a Spanish language resource for deeper learning.

Descartes Matemáticas Interactivas Ministerio Español de Educación y Ciencia
Spanish language site with teaching materials organized by topic.  Lessons for grades 6-12.

El Huevo de Chocolate Matemáticas para niños
Spanish language site with math tricks, riddles, magic squares, natural numbers, and fun activities for young children.

Matemáticas Antonio Pérez Sanz
Spanish language site with curriculum resources, problems, puzzles, games for students in Kindergarten through college.

Matemáticas en mi tarea Antonio Rodriguez Sanches
Spanish language site with links to many math related topics like formulas, virtual classroom, geometry, algebra, etc. and offering homework help.

2π-Math Jesús Plaza Martínez
Spanish Language site providing Spanish math help for students in Algebra and higher-level mathematics.  Site includes formulas, graphs, problems, exams, summaries, glossaries and dictionaries.

Spanish Language Glossaries and Dictionaries

Reference Resources

This page holds reference resources for both teachers and students that are centered primarily on mathematics.  These resources can be especially useful for new dual language teachers and students.

A Math Dictionary for Kids
A math dictionary defining common math terms and concepts.  Includes practice with activities and animations.  Language: English

English-Spanish Math Dictionary
David Manura Copyright 1997 All rights reserved. Copyright 2000-2005
Online list of math terms in English with translation to Spanish.

MathStar NM – Spanish Glossary
English mathematical terms translated to Spanish with definitions.

Math and Logic Games

Math Games for Students

This page holds fun web-based math games that can easily be used to spark and hold student interest.  While not directly designed for ELL students, the interactivity and visual nature of these math games is sufficient to intrigue all students.

Absurd Math
An interactive mathematical-solving game series that captures the interest of the typical middle or high school student.

Figure This! Math Challenges
A series of math challenges for the family based on real world questions. The content areas covered are algebra, geometry, measurement, and number sense.  A companion site in Spanish is also available.

Flashcards for Kids!
This flashcard game offers vertical or horizontal problems for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Level of complexity can vary.

Games that teach children how to run a business, manage money, set financial goals, and budget. – Guess the Number
An interactive game in which students must follow prompts like “your guess is less than mine” and “your number is too high” in order to determine the correct number. – Shape Surveyor Geometry Game
An interactive geometry game. Students must calculate the area or perimeter of the rectangle. For each problem students get correct, they receive a piece of archeological puzzle. – Math Baseball
This math/baseball game lets students score runs for correct answers. There are different levels and areas of math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). – Fresh Baked Fractions
An interactive game in which students are shown four fractions and they must determine which fraction is not equal to the others. – Double Fun Match Memory Game
A memory game for older students.  Categories include: Periodic Table, European Flags, and Fractions and Decimals. – Power Football
An interactive football/math game for students to play and test their math skills.  There are different levels and areas of math.

Games Wheel
Twelve math games at three levels of difficulty.  A good resource for extra practice for middle school mathematics students.

Stocks Quest: A Global Stock Market Game
An interactive game about trading stocks.  Students decide how to invest 100,000 virtual dollars and may buy stock in U.S. and World Markets.

The Headbone Derby – Crazy Couch Caper
This Internet research contest is packed with puzzles students can solve by finding information online.